Sunday, March 15, 2009

Miss Mattie!

Okay! Okay! I have finally decided to update my blog. I know the suspense is killing you all! First let me tell you about how Miss Mattie became part of my loving family. Around November I got this hair brain idea that I wanted a cat. I needed a cuddly little critter to keep me company while Tyler and Tanner were not here. So, a few weeks passed and I just kept putting it off and off. Before I knew it Christmas was right around the corner. When everyone asked me what I wanted for Christmas I just told them that I wanted a cat. Well, let’s just say on Christmas morning I was very disappointed to find out that I didn’t get a cat.

After the holidays were over I decided that I was going to go to the pound and adopt a cat. I don’t like to go anywhere without someone tagging along. I decided to call up Michelle and make her go with me. As, we get to the pound I was so excited that I couldn’t stand it. We got back to the kittens and the next thing I know Michelle is telling me I have red splotches all over my neck. Oh I get those all the time when I get nervous or excited. It’s nothing to worry about. Next thing I know I am itching like crazy, my eyes are swelling and I can barely breathe!! WHAT? THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING TO ME! I have grown up around cats my whole life! Michelle looks at me like I am a walking freak and mumbles I think you are allergic to cats!

I was devastated! Now I can’t be the old cat lady that lives down the street from her mother!
Anyway, that is when Miss Mattie came into my life. My friends’ moms’ friend just had a baby and Mattie did not like it at all. So, they called me. I took Mattie for the weekend and couldn’t give her back. She is perfect! Mattie is grouchy, snappy, and snuggly just like me! The stresses of not being able to be cat woman have now disappeared, because now I get to be DOG WOMAN!!!

So here she is MISS MATTIE!


laci said...

I'd take Miss Mattie over a cat any day! But that kinda stinks you had to find out you were allergic that way. Funny too though. ;)

Bekka Wallentine said...

oh yes, anyone who's everyone has a blog, and only cool people get to look at my i guess you can look at it! :) haha my business is so fun to snoop through :)

Kristi said...

How cute Miss Mattie is! Hope you're doing good...haven't seen you in a while. :) Kristi